Personal testimonies of stranger customers - Dental aesthetic service

When we desire a dental aesthetic treatment in another country then ours, we must absolutely find testimonies of people that lived it in order getting useful information, knowing the risks and allowing to take an advised decision based on facts an not hypothesis… too many people have as base in their lives the financial side and usually hide that intention with cuter and kinder words.



My name is Claude Lasante and I’m the owner of a business in Canada named Editions Melonic, so you can find me easily. More, I have more than 50 Websites in the world that have at base honesty, consciousness and responsibility.

Being Canadian living in Colombia (Cartagena), I got myself done two dental crowns (three teeth and the other four porcelain teeth) in order filling missing teeth and therefore obtaining a “complete” smile.

The dentist, named William Arellano (my step brother), made me a professional job according to a schedule which he respected at the letter. I had a little pain after a bridge installation, but he rapidly worked in order to perfectly realize my satisfaction.

What I appreciated is the responsible way he corrected the bridge work without any excuses. It’s always when a problem occurs that we see the quality of a person and the quality of his work… When no problems or complication happen, it’s impossible to discover this truth. I present you images to visualize the work before and after.


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Dentist Before Bridges After After

Claude Lasanté