Dental aesthetic for strangers in Colombia

Many services are offered in Colombia for dental aesthetic and the dentists are really competent and the studies look a lot like those in northern countries. Tidiness, material and equipment are much alike except the place isn’t filled with secretaries and other employees in order producing more incomes. The costs are truly a good deal as for an example passing a radiography at 5$...

The relation in Colombia with the dentist (which is family) is more convivial and we’re constantly with you in order to well communicate and follow the development of your treatment as for the Caribbean coast during your winter season! We strongly suggest to take a stay of two weeks by using our vacation deals.

The steps of your vacation/treatment move


• Communicate with us in order understanding your situation and our services
• Sending of a final fee cost of your aesthetic treatment
• No deposit asked
• Arrangement of your vacation deal including our presence with you for the treatment
• Sending of the work plan and vacation plan
• Welcoming at the airport of Cartagena and transfer to your lodging site
• Vacation deal payment (we included a 10% for our assistance)
• Treatment as fast possible (next day)
• Dental treatment payment
• Departure to the airport
• Your testimony on our Website, if desired



Fees chart (en US $)

Treatment Your cost Our cost
Root canal 800 $ 300 $
Porcelain veneers 1500 $ 800 $
Porcelain bridge * 3500 $ 1500 $
Porcelain crown 2500 $ 500 $
Dental implant 4000 $ 1500 $
Prothesis (denture) 2000 $ 1200 $
Whitening 700 $ 250 $




* Porcelain bridges: Three porcelain teeth placed on two worked teeth separated by a missing tooth.